LWML Oklahoma District MOST Mission Trip 2024

LWML Oklahoma District Mission Trip

Belize is the destination for an LWML Oklahoma District mission trip with MOST Ministries to support Lutheran mission outreach near Orange Walk, Belize. This Eyeglass Clinic trip is scheduled for November 16-23, 2024. During that time there will be approximately 4 days of eyeglass clinic work and a day of sightseeing. Cost per person will be approximately $3000 which includes all arrangements made by MOST. A $100 deposit is due to Financial Secretary, Teresa Heater, with a notation that it is for the mission trip. We have reserved this trip for LWML Oklahoma and will need at least 12 and up to 18 people to go. Please contact Sasha Stehr (osuvetstudent23@gmail.com)  or Patti Ross (pattirossvp@gmail.com) if you are interested before sending in your deposit. Go to MOST ministries website for information about their mission trips. www.mostministries.org. We’d like to get our deposit in as soon as possible so we can reserve this trip for our district.


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