Christian Life

The Christian Life team promotes, provides and encourages Bible study at all District LWML activities, to include meetings, retreats, and zone events.  They seek to reaffirm spiritual growth of God’s people, equip individual women for greater service in God’s Kingdom, assist and encourage LCMS women to recognize their service potential and motivate women to grow in faith and in service to the Lord.

Christian Life Team

Delia Collard, Vice President

Joyce Von Dielingen

   Arlene Riemer

     Debbie Phipps

Rev. John Wackler



Read Through the Bible in One Year

Did you start reading the Bible at the beginning of this year? Or do you feel like you missed the Bible reading boat? It is never too late to start the daily readings. The LWML Gospel Outreach Committee created a monthly reading plan to guide you. You can start with today’s reading and finish the yearly readings next year at this time. Or you can start the daily readings from the beginning. God’s Word speaks to us each and every day. Many LWML women have accepted the challenge to read through the Bible in one year. If the Holy Spirit is nudging you to be in His Word, please join us.