Donate to LWML

The LWML places a major emphasis on the support of mission and ministry by means of Mite Box offerings. Based on the Biblical account of the widow’s mite (Luke 21:1–4), the Mite Box is intended for regular contributions of “mites” — offerings above and beyond the support given to your congregation. Mite Box contributions fund district and national mission grants.

Mite Boxes for your use are available from your local LWML group.  Some congregations display a large version of the Mite Box so those who do not attend LWML events may contribute their mites.  Your congregation may also have a designated Sunday per month when mites are collected during the service.  Local LWML groups remit Mite Box contributions regularly to the District Financial Secretary – and you may also send your donations directly as noted below. 

Your generous donations help the Oklahoma LWML fund their Mission Grants.  To give to the Oklahoma LWML, send donations to: 

     LWML Oklahoma District Financial Secretary

     PO Box 139

     Alva, OK 73717


Financial Secretary Remittance Form for Groups