Fall Retreat

The ladies of LWML Oklahoma District attended the 2021 Fall Retreat, November 5-6, 2021 at Canyon Camp, Hinton, OK. The theme for the retreat was “God’s Quilt of Comfort: Wrapping up in the Psalms.” For this retreat babysitting was provided free of charge so our young mothers could join in the activities. We began our retreat with a campfire roast. The first 2 of 5 Bible studies were presented after a wonderful s’mores dessert and led by Peggy Grunow, VP of Christian Life. The first study focused on the Psalms being layers of information and meaning that help us through our life’s journey and point us always to Jesus, our Savior. In the second Bible study, we focused on pieces of God’s people's history presented in the Psalms. Time was given for several quilting activities: journaling, drawing, quilt tying, and just visiting. We ended the night with devotion and singing led by Pastor John Wackler. Saturday began with breakfast and the third Bible study led by Kasey Meyer, VP of Communication which focused on the Psalms being poetically beautiful and descriptive. Between each activity on Saturday a skit about how Prayer can get us through each storm in life we face was presented. The fourth Bible study led by Beverly Bahr, VP of Gospel Outreach, focused on how the Psalms are used in our Worship Service. Time was once again given for personal reflection, walking the camp, etc. Lunch was served. The fifth and last Bible study focused on Jesus being the thread that ties all of God’s Word together. Closing worship was led by Pastor John Wackler. Each and every woman was filled with God’s Word, uplifted and truly blessed.