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RECYCLING NOTE:  Please be advised that any recycling shipping labels you currently have in your possession need to be destroyed. The recycling company will not accept any shipments using these outdated labels. The recycling company is in transition and new shipping labels will be sent to Marguerite Christman, LWML OK District Recycling Coordinator. Please let her know when you have your boxes packed and need shipping labels.  Thanks for all your support and efforts in this recycling project for the LWML OK District. The funds generated have helped LWML Mites, LWML OK District Special Gifts Fund, and funded many leader training happenings within our district. We have been truly blessed. All to God's glory!

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We have been recycling printer cartridges and other items since 2001. At first, this effort was formed to help raise funds for the expenses of hosting the 2003 LWML Convention held in Oklahoma City, Then, we as the Oklahoma District continued this effort to raise funds for our district. The funds collected are dispersed in three ways. 25% of the funds go to national LWML Mites, 10% go to our OK District Special Gifts Fund and the remaining 65% are used within our district to help with leader training efforts. To date, we have been blessed to collect over $61,000. This has been a tremendous blessing to all entities. Thanks for your support. It has also kept these many items out of the landfills, thus helping our environment. Since it has been almost ten years since we began, many may not know of this recycling effort, or how to get it started in your congregation. Therefore, we are sharing below some helpful steps to be involved in this great project.

Steps for Recycling

  1. Notify congregational members, parents, adults, students, local businesses to save cartridges and other items for recycling. Use as much publicity as you can since this might be a new venture for your congregation.
  2. Have members save ink jet and laser jet cartridges, by doing the following:
    1. Put old cartridge in box the new cartridge came in.
    2. If new cartridge doesn’t come in a box, place old cartridge in a zip lock bag or other plastic bag to prevent ink from leaking.
    3. Bring cartridges to central location/collection site.
    4. Do not collect Epson printer cartridges or remanufactured cartridges, fax film or printer ribbons.
  3. Save cartridges and other recyclable items until you have collected at least 12 to be shipped by Fed EX. When packaging the boxes, place as many recyclable items as possible in a large box. Be sure to protect the items using bubble wrap, air pouches, newspaper or other packing materials. (Do NOT use styrofoam peanuts.)
  4. Also collect: cell phones, pagers, PDAs, I-Pods, MP3 Players, DVD Video Games/Players, Digital Cameras, Laptop computers, GPS systems, scientific calculators (Include cords and accessories). These items are also accepted for recycling, whether working or non-working. Place individually in plastic bags to protect in shipping.
  5. Contact Marguerite Christman to receive pre-paid shipping labels. Email: MChrist721@aol.com or call - (405) 737-8289. Notify her how many labels are needed and to whom and the address the labels should be sent.
  6. Pre-paid Fed EX shipping labels will be sent via U.S. mail.
  7. When packing for shipping, make the box a tight as possible with newspaper before sealing the shipping box. No packing list is necessary, unless you want to
    itemize the items. They will be itemized once received at the recycling company. All notification of proceeds received is sent to the OK District LWML.
  8. Start the process over again.

Thanks for all your efforts in this regard. Call or email if you have questions.  ~Marguerite Christman, Recycling Coordinator

Helpful Recycling Hints flyer             Wanted Recycling Items flyer             Do Not Send flyer             Cash for Trash flyer


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The 2017 and 2015 LWML Convention videos are available online at https://livestream.com/TheLWML. Click on the video you want to see, then click the "Watch Again" button.