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Repurposing of Shoes Project

Repurposing Shoes Update

 Again, the people of Oklahoma have come through! We have met and surpassed our goal of collecting at least 100 bags of new/gently worn repurposed shoes. At the present time, 152 bags of shoes (each bag contains 25 pairs) are in my garage. I hear some societies are collecting still and will contribute in the next week or so. The company will be scheduling to pick up the bags early in March. Money raised from this project will go into the Recycling Fund, 25% being contributed to LWML Mites and 10% to the Oklahoma District Special Gifts Fund. The remaining 65% will be used within the district to assist with expenses for leader development/training events. This project enables funds collected for mites to reach out to others through various mission grants adopted to share the love of Jesus with others. Thanks to all who contributed to the success of this project.

Submitted by Marguerite Christman, Recyling Manager


RECYCLING UPDATE, Fall/Winter 2019

Thank you for your recycling efforts. With all of us working together, this has been quite beneficial for our district. God has blessed all these efforts. Since we began we have been blessed to have collected over $81,000 from this recycling effort. These funds have gone to support Mites, our Special Gifts Fund and to pay for leader training expenses within our district. These funds have helped in so many ways to support God’s mission. Thanks for all your valuable support in this regard.

Recycling Shipping Guidelines

URGENT!!! Take Note: Many changes have taken place since your last recycling shipment. There have been more requirements established to recycle your printer cartridges. Please note the only items accepted for recycling are inkjet printer cartridges and other recyclables (cell phones, pagers, GPS, mobile hot spots, eBook Readers, iPods/MP3 Players, digital cameras, PDAs, iPads/Tablets, and video games). Be sure NOT to send any laser/toner printer cartridges.

Laser/Toner Printer Cartridges ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Yes, this is a change, but we are trying to get the most value for your recyclables so that is why the changes.

The Recycling Accepted List has a greater amount of accepted inkjet cartridges. Please do your part and abide by the guidelines so you can still reap the benefits of your recycling efforts and others can also. The pre-paid shipping labels are UPS shipping labels. In addition, due to escalating costs of the pre-paid shipping labels, the Recycling Company has also revised Shipping Guidelines with each shipping box weighing 25-40 lbs. It is imperative that these Guidelines be followed as closely as possible in order for free/pre-paid shipping labels to be provided.

Also, at the request of the Recycling Company, there are a few items that we need to continue to remind others about. These requests are a must!

  • Be advised that laser/toner printer cartridges, toner bottles, toner tubes (used in copiers), fax machine film, and printer ribbons are NOT accepted for recycling.
  • Refer to Recycling Accepted List. Only ship the inkjet printer cartridges listed on the Recycling Accepted List . “Remanufactured For”, refilled cartridges, “Compatible With” are not accepted for recycling. Send only the virgin cartridges. Sometimes this is challenging, since it is not always apparent if a cartridge has been remanufactured or refilled. You can look on the box to see if it notes that it is remanufactured. Also, some companies like Office Depot, Staples, Cartridge World, Walgreen’s, etc., remanufacture and/or refill cartridges. So, if that is noted somewhere on the cartridge, it is not accepted for recycling.

Thanks again for all your recycling efforts. In all these efforts, remember in addition to helping LWML effort, we are also helping our environment by recycling these various recyclable items and keeping them out of our landfills. If you have questions, need clarification, or when you need UPS shipping labels just contact us via email or phone. We try to get your shipping labels sent to you within a couple of days.

May God’s richest blessings be yours,
Marguerite Christman
LWML OK District Recycling Coordinator
Email: MChrist721@aol.com
Phone/Fax: (405) 737-8289

  • Only Ship those inkjet cartridges listed on the Qualifying List of Inkjet cartridges.
  • Be sure to ship as many cartridges in a shipping box as possible, at least 25 inkjet cartridges, and other recyclables. More in the box will even be better.
  • Make sure each inkjet cartridge is in a plastic bag for added protection.
  • The shipping carton needs to weigh between 25 - 40 lbs.
  • Always pack as tightly as possible with newspaper to add extra tightness to fill in any empty space.
  • Reinforce shipping carton on bottom, corners and top with packing tape.
  • Take your packed shipping carton to your nearest UPS shipping location. If that is not possible, pack at church/business, tell the secretary you have a carton to ship. When the UPS driver makes the next delivery to the church/business he can pick up your carton for recycling.
  • Do not call UPS for a pick up appointment. This will result in a charge to you.
Recycle flyer
Recycle flyer

Download a pdf of the Recycle flyer to post at your church by clicking on the picture above. [Note:  The download attribute is not supported in Edge version 12, IE, Safari 10 (and earlier), or Opera version 12 (and earlier).] or click here.

Recycling Accepted List
Recycling Accepted List

Download a pdf of the Recycling Accepted List (16 pages) by clicking on the picture above. [Note:  The download attribute is not supported in Edge version 12, IE, Safari 10 (and earlier), or Opera version 12 (and earlier).] or click here.



We have been recycling printer cartridges and other items since 2001. At first, this effort was formed to help raise funds for the expenses of hosting the 2003 LWML Convention held in Oklahoma City, Then, we as the Oklahoma District continued this effort to raise funds for our district. The funds collected are dispersed in three ways. 25% of the funds go to national LWML Mites, 10% go to our OK District Special Gifts Fund and the remaining 65% are used within our district to help with leader training efforts. To date, we have been blessed to collect over $81,000. This has been a tremendous blessing to all entities. Thanks for your support!