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The 2018 Panhandle Zone Fall Fest was held Saturday, September 29 at Zion Lutheran, Buffalo.



Panhandle Zone President's Report February 2018

Buffalo – For the month of November we find families that could benefit from a “Thanksgiving Basket”. This includes a grocery store gift card as well as baked goods and a Portals of Prayer. We also helped a few families with their electric bill at Christmas time and made a Christmas donation to the Mental Facility at Ft. Supply. The LWML hosts a Christmas dinner and party for the congregation, where we sing Christmas carols and play Bingo with Dirty Santa gifts for prizes.

Boise City – They work with others in the community to take meals to people that have cancer. They also visit people in the hospital to talk about Christ and pray with them. Their big annual fundraiser is selling Geraniums to the community. They purchase from a greenhouse and they make over $4000. They use the flowers that don’t sell to help beautify the community - the courthouse, library, museum, doctors’ office and city hall.

Hooker – continues to send care packages to the college students every three months.

Guymon – they continue to work at the homeless shelter, on a regular basis. They also collect Mites monthly from the congregation, make quilts once a week, and help with their large international community.

~Sarah Yauk, Zone President


Panhandle Zone President's Report October 2017

Panhandle Zone Fall FestBuffalo – 60 student athletes will be served a dinner of pulled pork and “the fixins”. This is a project of the Ministerial Alliance. The various churches in the community fix a dinner for the Fall Athletes in the community once a week.

We will host a Reformation Celebration on October 29. We are having a special service with a guest speaker, Pastor Fred Muncheow and our local Pastor Randy Foote. We have sent invitations to past members and nonattending members, in hopes of revitalizing our congregation. We will play bells and make it a festive celebration. After the service we will eat a German Meal prepared by the ladies of our church. Some of the ladies still remember the “old times” from their relatives and just how they prepared the food. This congregation is made up of the German’s from Russia, immigrating in the early 1900s.

We meet monthly and begin at 6:45 for a special prayer time before the meeting. We pray and read scripture, before Pastor begins our meeting with a devotion.

We decorate a table and have a “booth” at the county fair, each year. This year our theme was the “500th Celebration of the Reformation”. We had a drawing to give away 3 Bibles. Panhandle Zone Fall Fest

Boise City – I discovered that there is LWML in Boise City. The pastor and his wife serve 3 congregations. 2 are in Texas.

Hooker – They prepare college kits for the students going to college. They send a care package every three months. They send money, food, a bulletin and a Portals of Prayer. They said the kids love it.

Guymon – They provide a meal at the homeless shelter, regularly. The collect mites monthly from the congregation and use the Mite devotions (litany) written by Pastor Henke. They make quilts 1 x week, and made 500 last year to donate to Orphan Grain Train. They are also very active in the international community.

Texhoma – has been busy getting ready for Fall Fest, Installation of their new Pastor, Pastor House, and have been repairing and cleaning out their church. They even found a home for the organ. A woman in the community has it at home to practice.

~Sarah Yauk, Panhandle Zone President


Panhandle Fall Fest

September 9, 2017
             Panhandle Zone Fall Fest Panhandle Zone Fall Fest Panhandle Zone Fall Fest













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